Granito Group Board

Heinz-Peter Elstrodt

Shareholder Investor

Worked at McKinsey & Company for over 30 years (until 2015), leading the company in Latin America and its global practice on family business. Served in Germany, United States and São Paulo.

His published work includes “The five attributes of enduring family businesses”, “A succession memo to a family-business founder”, and “Building a house that lasts: a framework to guide the succession from few owners to many”. He has also written “The family business factor in emerging markets” and “Keeping the family in business”. All of these papers were published in McKinsey Quarterly.

Heinz-Peter is the chairman and board member of different privately and publicly held companies, and an advisor to leading family businesses.

He is a professor at the London Business School since 2016.

Graduation in Business and Industrial Engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (1979), and Ph.D. in Business by University of Augsburg (1982).